May 24, 2022


I am committed to serve you. Through a collaborative and trusted framework, I will work on your behalf to solve issues in the following areas. 


Mother. Educator. Advocate. Trusted Leader. 

"As your elected Congresswoman, I will bring your voice to Washington. Let your voice be heard."


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For over 10 years, I've lived in the Mankato community with my husband (Nathan) and children (Norah and Lawson). I know first hand the problems that modern and hardworking families are facing. I've been committed to the growth of Southern MN, particularly in developing resources that support communities, families, and children in the Mankato area.




Trusted Leader.

I am an Early Education Advocate and a mother of two young children. I am the Founder and Director of Cultivate Mankato Child Development and Resource Center and the upcoming Cultivate Mankato Infant Development Center. I am the Founding Board Member of CultivateMN, a Leadership Development Specialist at NuLifestyle Co. and a forthcoming Doctor of Educational Leadership. I am passionate about connecting people, communities, and resources together to support and promote a higher quality of life for ALL Minnesotans.


I am committed to hearing your voice and carrying it forward to Washington D.C. "Your Voice Matters" is not just a's a principle that I live by. I believe firmly that every community member deserves to be heard and advocated for and that I have an obligation as your elected Congresswoman to work alongside other elected officials to come up with solutions that represent all of Southern MN. I will commit to listening, researching, creating connections, and finding creative solutions to solve problems and help grow our Southern MN communities. 

Now, let your voice be heard!


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Facts about Candice

A bit of experience and a whole lot of GRIT

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Candice knows the needs of modern FAMILIES in MN and will fight for paid family leave, affordable and accessible child care, and programs that support families. As a parent of two young children, Candice experiences the same issues many American families face.


Candice knows EDUCATION. As a former K - 6 educator and a current Early Childhood Educator, Candice knows the importance of high quality, inclusive education for all children.


Candice knows ADVOCACY. As the founding board member of CultivateMN Advocacy group, Candice has experience in raising awareness to issues, bringing people together, and advocating for change. Candice is a CARE (Child Care Advocates Ready to Emerge) Fellow and is a leader in other non-profits supporting children and families. 


Candice knows LEADERSHIP. As an early education administrator and small business owner, Candice has worked tirelessly to raise up employees and support programs that put working Americans first. She has a proven record of transparent, logical, and collaborative leadership.



We hit the road today to visit Eastern MN. We appreciate the hospitality of the DFL Committees. My family is a huge reason for entering the race. Like most Minnesotan families, we understand the struggle of high health insurance, high health care, inflation, and simply not having the resources that we need. We want to fight for all Minnesotan families to have high quality of life. 

I want our kids to see that it's okay to do things that are unknown and scary. It's okay to follow convictions even though it can be terrifying and even though people may not respond well. I especially want our daughter to know that HER voice is paramount and that, no matter what anyone may tell her in her life, she can do anything and be anything. 

DFL Trail - 3.9.22